About Susanne

Let me introduce myself!

I am a mixed media artist, creating with acrylics, oils, pastels, inks, and cultural ephemera - “found” items that connect each painting to the world outside its frame. My art is about freedom and connecting with our inner sense of possibility. Each piece is rich with unexpected details and meaningful collage elements.

My inspirations are the natural world (I live in a seaside nature preserve), travel (I've visited ~40 countries), and interior design. I love chic spaces that authentically reflect our life stories and adventures! My work balances abstraction and representation, often incorporating handmade papers I've collected on my travels, such as Japanese chiyogami Yuzen paper, Egyptian papyrus, and Italian hand-marbled paper. I also use vintage "working" papers, like antique maps, computer punch cards and dressmaking patterns, adding a unique historical touch to my collages. My art ranges from bold to meditative, always featuring painting, collage, and my distinctive mark-making. Influenced by coastal South Carolina, my abstract pieces echo the colors and expansiveness of a life by the sea.

My "Why"

Art, like travel, expands our sense of possibility. A blank canvas is the start of an adventure with countless decisions and twists - setting aside preconceptions and making space for growth through new discoveries. My creative journey involves experimenting with unusual elements and making unexpected choices. I hope that my work ignites a sense of possibility in viewers, bringing beauty and inspiration to the spaces where they work, live and dream.

How I Got Here

I've always been creative. I worked as a TV news reporter/anchor while raising three daughters with my ever-encouraging husband. Although I explored painting when our girls were young, I set it aside to focus on family and my career. As our daughters grew up, I returned to painting, immersing myself in every art resource available. Commissions, art shows, and collaborations with designers followed, leading to installations in luxury homes. Now a full-time artist, I am proud that my work is cherished in homes and workplaces along the East Coast and across the US.

What I'm Working On Now

I'm creating my Summer 2024 collection, inspired by travel and the possibilities awakened within us when we explore someplace new. Each piece features gorgeous colors and hidden objects & narratives, making this series special and fun to create!


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